VpCI®-337 Fogging Demo Solves Eight-Month Problem in Seconds!

December 30, 2021

How would you like to solve your customer’s corrosion protection problem in a few seconds? This video shows how a VpCI®-337 fogging demo did that very thing for a manufacturer of diesel engines with turbochargers.

No matter how hard they tried, the manufacturer could not successfully use their previous method of oil-based VCI application due to the intricate twists and turns inside the turbocharger. The thick oil was unable to get to all parts of the air-based system. “It was like a clogged straw,” explained Mike Gabor (Cortec® VP Sales – Eastern N. America), who came to help with the application.

The manufacturer’s team had already worked on the problem for eight months, trying everything from vacuums to fans to get the corrosion inhibitor through the system, but without success. Unfortunately, this had also led to corrosion inside the turbochargers where the inhibitor could not reach.

The problem disappeared with a short blast of VpCI®-337, as seen in this demo video. In only a matter of seconds after fogging VpCI®-337 into one end of the turbocharger, the waterborne corrosion inhibitor was seen coming out of the other ends. The client was very excited about the success of the trial run for this fast and easy method of application.

VpCI®-337 works so well in this application because it is lightweight and easily fogged through air systems. All that needs to be done afterwards is
to cap the openings. The Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors protect all the intricacies inside the system, offering shipping and storage protection for a
few weeks to as long as one year on the shelf awaiting installation.

VpCI®-337 is a fast, effective, and easy method of corrosion protection for turbochargers and many similar applications. Watch this video for yourself
to see how an eight-month corrosion challenge can be solved in less than a minute:

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