Add the Power of Cortec® VpCI® Additives to Your Water Treatment Formulation

September 21, 2021

Water treatments for cooling water, closed loops, and boilers are formulated with a variety of different functions in mind. When it comes to corrosion protection, the benefits of Cortec® VpCI® additives stand unmatched. Compared to typical water treatment chemistries, Cortec® Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors offer more thorough corrosion protection through the use of multi-phase corrosion inhibitors. While this full range of protection is most notable in Cortec’s expanding line of convenient ready-to-use water treatment “animals,” the same outstanding protective power is available to water treatment companies and blenders who want to enhance their own formulations with Cortec® VpCI® additives.

Multi-Phase Protection
Typical corrosion inhibitors for water treatment are “contact-only” inhibitors, which means they protect only the metal surfaces in direct contact with the treated water. The absence of corrosion inhibitors above the water level leaves metals in the headspace at risk for corrosion from condensation or other factors. In contrast, Cortec® Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors protect in three phases: below the water, above the water, and at the air-water interface. Vapor action makes this possible; corrosion inhibitors vaporize out of the treated water to disperse and offer protection to the non-immersed metal surfaces. This overhead protection is especially important during temporary shutdowns when the system may be partially or fully
drained, leaving most of the metal surfaces beyond the reach of the treated water.

Environmental Compliance
Cortec® additives also help formulators meet environmental restrictions. In many areas today, chemicals such as nitrite, phosphate, and molybdate are being regulated out of use. Cortec’s selection of nitrite-free, phosphate-free, and molybdate-free options offer the necessary corrosion protection with chemistries that can be adopted based on local requirements. The absence of nitrite and heavy metals in Cortec’s mainstay additives is also a benefit when formulating for systems containing copper and aluminum, since these chemicals can be corrosive to yellow metals.

Flexible Options
Cortec® offers additives for a variety of applications and system needs: boilers, steam systems, cooling water, and closed loops in operation or layup, with or without different tracer options. The S-69 Series is an extremely versatile corrosion inhibitor with vapor-phase protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is typically used for cooling water or closed loop applications and is effective in chill or hot water systems up to 176 °F (80 °C). It is compatible with glycol and other high-polarity solvent systems and can be a building block for operational or layup formulations. It is available in liquid or powder with many different tracer options available.

M-640 L is an equally effective corrosion inhibitor designed to operate at higher temperatures up to 302 °F (150 °C). It is an excellent replacement for silicates and phosphate/nitrite-based/amine compounds. It is designed for use in heat exchange fluids, antifreeze, and coolants. Metals protected include copper, brass, carbon steel, cast iron, and aluminum. M-640 L contains contact and Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors and is available in liquid or powder.

S-15 is an oxygen scavenger and metal passivator for steam boiler applications. It is an excellent alternative for hydrazine, which is highly toxic and faces tightening government restrictions in many countries. S-15 works to scavenge oxygen, neutralize acidic species, and passivate metal throughout the boiler, steam system, and condensate lines. It includes a vapor-phase aspect that protects metal surfaces above the water level and is compatible with yellow metals.

Adopt the Foremost Corrosion Inhibitors on the Market
Cortec® additives are the foremost corrosion inhibitors on the market for water treatment formulations. Cortec® additives enhance the quality of
custom water treatment formulations with multi-phase corrosion inhibiting action to achieve the most thorough protection possible. Even better, they do so while helping formulators meet specific environmental restrictions and multi-metal concerns based on end user applications.
Contact your water treatment service provider or Cortec® today for more information and assistance selecting the best additive for your

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