Fight Winter Salt Corrosion with VpCI®-406 for Fleet Maintenance

December 7, 2021

Winter can be rough on vehicle fleets—especially DOT snowplows and salt spreaders that take the brunt of
messy winter roads and deicers. A proactive maintenance program is critical, with vehicle washing as one of the foremost steps to fight vehicle rust. For this purpose, Cortec
® recommends VpCI®-406 cleaning concentrate as part of a regular winter fleet maintenance plan to help extend vehicle service life.

Dual Anticorrosion Action
VpCI®-406 attacks winter salt corrosion from two angles. The first job of VpCI®-406 is simply to remove
the salt, grime, and road spray from the vehicle body as soon as possible. This is a critical part of basic fleet
maintenance because it minimizes the amount of time that chlorides have to start eating away at the metal.

The second benefit of VpCI®-406 is its proactive corrosion protection. VpCI®-406 contains corrosion inhibitors that provide protection against flash rust immediately after washing, with potential lingering effects for several days depending on specific circumstances and the environment.

Excellent Cleaning Qualities
In addition to its corrosion-fighting benefits, VpCI®-406 has several positive cleaning qualities that recommend it as a good truck washing choice in winter or summer. VpCI®-406 is highly concentrated for maximum economy but is also available at custom dilutions to meet the user’s need. It can be metered into automatic bus/truck washes or used with power wash equipment. VpCI®-406 also has water-softening properties for use in hard water. It provides good foaming action and does not leave behind spotting or streaking. On top of all these features, VpCI®-406 is phosphate-free, an important
consideration for the environment and possible disposal restrictions.

Adoption of VpCI®-406 by Midwest DOT
The problems of winter road salt corrosion and the benefits of regular washing come into sharper focus when considering the experience of a metro area DOT located in a severe U.S. Midwest winter climate. Snowplows and salt spreaders would come back from the job caked with salt. After a long plow route, the easy choice not to carry out the recommended washing would lead to overnight rusting. As time passed, rust became a serious problem on bolts, frames, and bodies—even to the point of drivers’ seats starting to fall through the floors. Considering the expense of repair and replacement (some snowplows cost upwards of $200,000 USD), corrosion prevention was imperative. The department adopted a custom version of VpCI®-406 several years ago, and regular washing made a significant difference in mitigating corrosion, which will in turn promote a longer service life.

Start Washing with VpCI®-406!
Although road maintenance vehicles need it most, VpCI®-406 is great for any vehicle fleet exposed to harsh winter roads and corrosive deicing salts. The benefits of regular washing will accumulate over time, helping delay and reduce the amount of rust and extend vehicle service life. A little investment in VpCI®-406 now can go a long way for big ROI down the road.

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