New Lab Test Result: VpCI®-330 Passes More Than 5,000 Hours of Protection in Humidity Chamber!

August 18, 2021

Cortec® Corporation is excited to release updated test data for its new rust preventative, VpCI®-330! When released in March 2021, VpCI®-330 had already passed more than 800 hours of humidity testing (ASTM D1748) and was still going strong in the humidity chamber at Cortec® Laboratories.
Since then, the rust preventative has had the time needed to complete testing, with results coming in at more than 5,000 hours (>7 months) on average of corrosion protection on carbon steel panels coated by VpCI
®-330! The dramatic expansion in humidity protection data points to exciting potential for metal manufacturers who need an effective rust preventative that is also inconspicuous and easy to apply.

®-330 is clear, ready-to-use, and low-viscosity. As testing has already suggested, it will provide excellent protection to metals in indoor and outdoor sheltered conditions. The product leaves behind a thin, almost invisible coat of oil that is ideal where removal of the rust preventative is either not feasible or desired before further processing or shipment. VpCI®-330 offers universal corrosion protection to ferrous metals and is compatible with yellow metals. Possible applications include:

Nuts and Bolts

While effective corrosion protection is the main goal of any rust preventative, these benefits are overshadowed when a product is difficult to work with, creates a messy environment, is hard to remove, or contains hazardous materials. For VpCI®-330, the story is different. Besides its long-term effectiveness in adverse conditions of 100% relative humidity, VpCI®-330 has many user advantages that streamline the rust preventative process and make it an attractive alternative to other products.

1. Usability:
It is very easy to work with.
It is not mandatory to remove VpCI®-330 in process because the oily film is inconspicuous enough not to interfere with the rest of the WIP (work-in-process) cycle in many situations.

2. Workplace Safety:
It is non-flammable.
It does not contain nitrites, phosphates, secondary amines, or OSHA hazardous components.

Altogether, these factors contribute to overall cleanliness, time savings, and a positive worker experience. New to the market this year, VpCI®-330
may be exactly the answer some manufacturers are looking for to improve their overall WIP cycle by making rust prevention a more streamlined activity instead of a cumbersome interruption to the workflow. With extremely positive laboratory humidity chamber
test results on record, now is the time for manufacturers to put VpCI®-330 to the real-world test and experience the practical benefits of VpCI®-330 for themselves.

Keywords: corrosion protection, rust preventatives, humidity testing, WIP cycle, manufacturing, metals protection

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