Replace Ordinary Paints with This 1K Water-Based Anticorrosion Primer for Metals!

December 29, 2021

When it comes to choosing an anticorrosion coating for metal surfaces, it is great to have multiple options. That is because different types of coatings have different advantages suited more to one user or application than to another. Some of these major variations include the choice between solvent-based or water-based, 1K (one component) or 2K (two-component) coatings. For those who prefer the advantages of a 1K water-based coating, Cortec’s VpCI®-375 serves as an excellent primer/topcoat with noteworthy versatility.

Good Coatings Qualities
VpCI®-375 is a unique water-based acrylic primer and/or topcoat for corrosion protection in harsh, outdoor, unsheltered applications. It offers the convenience of a 1K system (no two-part mixing or pot life to worry about) with the advantages of a water-based coating (easier cleanup than solvent-based coatings, VOC of only 0.68-0.8 [81.3-96.0 g/L]). It is fast-drying and thixotropic, thus resisting running and sagging. It leaves behind a tough protective barrier with medium gloss, plus UV resistance to prevent cracking and chipping.

One Coating, Versatile Options
One of the special aspects of VpCI®-375 is its multi-functional nature. As a direct-to-metal (DTM) primer, it creates a smooth surface and promotes good adhesion for the application of another anticorrosion topcoat, such as high-gloss EcoShield® VpCI®-386. However, its UV resistance also allows VpCI®-375 to be used as an outdoor topcoat itself where a medium gloss finish is desired. This topcoat can be applied over a surface previously primed with VpCI®-375 or CorrVerter® Rust Converter Primer. If time and labor resources are limited, another option is to apply just one coat of VpCI®-375 at 4 mils (100 µm) DFT as a dual primer/topcoat system.

Countless Applications
VpCI®-375 can be used as a corrosion inhibiting primer/topcoat in countless environments and applications. For example, one manufacturer has
adopted VpCI
®-375 for the exterior of rooftop industrial chiller units. VpCI®-375 is applied as a basecoat, and EcoShield® VpCI®-386 is coated on
top for a high gloss finish in the desired color. Another user has applied a VpCI
®-375/VpCI®-386 primer/topcoat system in place of ordinary paint to
protect radio towers from rusting near the ocean. A third example is the use of VpCI
®-375 as a topcoat on military AAV museum pieces undergoing maintenance/restoration, with CorrVerter® applied first to  passivate the rusty surfaces.

Good surface prep and priming play an important role in a successful coatings system. When it comes to corrosion protection, VpCI®-375 is a great place to start for good protection, good adhesion, convenience, and versatility. VpCI®-375 can be used to enhance the performance of a 1K water-based system like EcoShield® VpCI®-386 by laying a good basecoat. It can also be used as a stop-gap comprehensive onecoat system for those who are limited on time but need good water-based corrosion protection. Whatever the application, if the goal is good corrosion protection with water-based, 1K convenience, be sure to contact Cortec® for further information on VpCI®-375, the versatile primer/topcoat option for metals protection:!

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