The ‘ABCs’ of Formulating ‘Green’ Biological Cleaning Products

July 9, 2021

When it comes to formulating biological cleaning products, the Bionetix® “ABC Series” is a great place to start. These powder and liquid concentrates serve as the basics for a wide range of “green” cleaning and
maintenance products powered by nonpathogenic microorganisms and enzymes that digest wastes, clean surfaces, and control odors. These concentrates present an economical approach to shipping costs and storage space limitations—not only for formulators but also for large scale users who want to blend Bionetix
® products for themselves.

Choosing the Right ABC Concentrate
With the ABC Series, formulators can choose between powder or liquid concentrates. Powders may be easier to store and apply in some situations, while liquids may be easier to blend in others— especially when designing cleaning products or any sprayable or pourable liquid product, or when automatic dosing is preferred. Powders also tend to offer a significantly higher concentration of bacteria (e.g., 50 billion vs. 2 billion, although this can be increased to 7 billion upon customer request) to maximize storage space or boost treatment power. Another aspect formulators need to look at when selecting the right ABC concentrate is their target use. Some concentrates are suited more to waste treatment, while others can be used to make surface cleaning products. Each offers odor control benefits.

ABC 1000
ABC 1000is a high concentrate, multispore bacterial powder ready to blend with a wide range of organic diluents. It can be formulated into a broad spectrum of products for use where it is necessary to degrade a variety of complex organics and reduce BOD, suspended solids, organic sludge, odor, and FOG (fats, oils, greases). Target applications include the following:
Drain Lines
Septic Tanks
Grease Traps
Sump Pits

ABC 1200
ABC 1200is a multipurpose powder blend of vegetative and spore microorganisms effective in degrading many types of industrial and municipal waste. It is applicable for numerous end use formulations to degrade waste from the food, chemical, petroleum, and petrochemical industries. It is ideal for formulating products used in a variety of waste treatment systems:
Sewer Mains
Tanks (Imhoff, Oxidation, and Sludge)
Aeration SBRs
Wet Wells
Sump Pits
Trickling Filters

ABC 4000
ABC 4000is a multiple spore blend concentrate liquid ready for use as the base culture in formulating a wide range of biological cleaners. The microorganisms in ABC 4000dissolve and digest grease, fats, oils, starches, proteins, and cellulose— making them easier to rinse away. ABC 4000is an excellent choice for formulating liquid cleaners and other products for basic institutional and home maintenance:
Carpet and fabric care
Grease trap and drain maintenance according to local regulations
Septic tank and wastewater system waste degradation
Bathroom and hard surface cleaning
Odor control

ABC 6000
ABC 6000adds a special dimension to the ABC Series by combining non-pathogenic bacteria with free hydrolytic enzymes— protease, amylase, cellulase, and lipase— that help loosen and liquify soil and odor containing compounds found in organic waste so they are easier to clean away. ABC
serves as a base culture for a wide range of cleaning products and aids. Start with the Basics When starting any new venture, it is always a
good idea to begin with the basics. For compounders, the Bionetix
® ABC Series provides an excellent foundation for formulating exciting “green” technologies to tackle everyday cleaning tasks or waste treatment maintenance.

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