Rediscover Cortec® VpCI® Emitters for Easy Corrosion Protection-Every Day and Everywhere!

May 14, 2021

Cortec® is calling all facility owners, manufacturers, shipping specialists, and preservation consultants to
rediscover the tried-and-true benefits of VpCI
® Emitter Technology! Whether used one time or 100
times, Cortec
® VpCI® Emitters can be an invaluable tool for protecting a wide variety of metal
components from corrosion. With VpCI
® Emitters it is incredibly easy to transform almost any kind of
compartment, control panel, or shipping box into a safe haven for metals simply by sticking the right
size of VpCI
® Emitter inside.

How VpCI® Emitters Work
The most basic VpCI® Emitters come in three different sizes
VpCI®-101 Device (protects one cubic foot [28 L] of void space)
VpCI®-105 Emitter (protects five cubic feet [0.14 m³] of void space)
VpCI®-111 Emitter (protects 11 cubic feet [0.31 m³] of void space)

Each of these devices has a self-adhesive backing for easy placement inside an electrical cabinet, toolbox, or other enclosure. All work via the same protective mechanism: Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor chemistry inside the emitters diffuse into the enclosure in which they are placed and form a protective molecular barrier on the metal surfaces with which they come in contact. This invisible layer inhibits the natural corrosion reaction from taking place when corrosive elements such as oxygen and moisture are present.

A Longtime Standby for Electrical Compartments
VpCI® Emitters are especially useful for protecting electricals. In today’s world, that means a VpCI® Emitter can come in handy almost anywhere. Since VpCI® Emitters do not interfere with electrical properties, they can be used to protect metal contacts and PCBs inside electrical and electronics cabinets during operation. This is extremely useful for maintenance of electrical and electronic controls at wastewater treatment or geothermal energy plants where harsh conditions can lead to premature failure. VpCI® Emitters are also excellent standbys for storage, shipment, or layup of equipment. There are countless examples of VpCI® Emitters being used in electrical control panels or junction boxes during preservation of landing craft, offshore platforms, ship engines, water injection skids, salt trucks, cooling plant chillers, filling station equipment, and much more.

Creativity is the Limit!
Although ideal for electrical compartments, the scope for VpCI® Emitters is basically only limited by the creativity of the user. For instance, the VpCI®-101 Device has been used inside the doors of safes to keep the lock mechanisms from corroding shut. VpCI®-111 Emitters have been added to void spaces of mining industry components, shrink-wrapped inside subsea pipeline connectors, and applied to pallets of crankshafts and engine blocks as part of an engine build-ahead program. VpCI®-105 Emitters can be used in exactly the same way depending on the size of the space.

Plan Your Protective Program
VpCI® Emitters have fulfilled their purpose protecting electricals, electronics, and many other metal parts or components for decades. Their convenience, effectiveness, and versatility make them ideal corrosion inhibiting tools to stock for almost any situation. From shipping and storage to
extended operation of electricals, VpCI
® Emitters are at your service for corrosion protection every day and practically everywhere!
Learn more and choose from Cortec’s wide range of VpCI
® Emitters available here:

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