Request a Webinar on Your Topic of Interest!

May 5, 2020

Do you have a specific corrosion problem or Cortec® product you would like to learn more about? We invite you to let us know by requesting a webinar on your topic of interest. Based on your responses, our team of corrosion experts will work to design the webinars that are most relevant and helpful to you. All we need to know now is what you want us to talk about!

Maybe you work with the oil and gas industry and need practical ideas on preservation. Let us know!

Perhaps you work with manufacturers who need packaging solutions to prevent rust on inventory. Let us know!

Maybe you simply want to learn more about routine seasonal layup of boilers and cooling water systems with our growing collection of water treatment “animals.” Let us know!

We are here to serve you and your clients with corrosion solutions and insights that draw on more than 40 years of experience, research, and development in the corrosion control industry.

For those of you interested in venturing into the complementary fields of bioremediation, biological cleaners, and industrial waste treatment, we welcome you to request training from our biotechnology subsidiary, Bionetix International®, as well.

Request a webinar today!

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