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Stop Corrosion with Cortec® VpCI® Technology
CorroLogic® VpCI® Engineered Solutions

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Vapour phase corrosion emitters explained

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Cortec Spray Technologies

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Productivity, Investment Protection, and Cost Reduction

Cortec Films

Global Leader In High Performance Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibiting (VpCI®) Packaging Production Offering Patented VpCI® Films & Bags

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Have your cake, and eat it too! Cracks Kill

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Have your cake, and eat it too! Have your cake, and eat it too!

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  Congratulations Boris Miksic

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Cortec: World Leader

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Cortec: Rig Stacking Specialist
Eco-Smart, Eco-Certified, EcoWorks® Resin.

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Cracked Beam Testing of Surface Treatments

Featured in... Concrete International Construction Specifier

Molybdate Migraine? Take the Cortec® Pill!

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World Leader in GREEN Corrosion Protection

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Compostable Packaging Technologies
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GET a new lease on structural LIFE with MCI®

Featured in Jobsite Magazine January 2007

Easily add VpCI 3-phase, environmentally friendly Protection

Featured in Process Cooling Equipment (Oct. 2006)
Material Performance (Feb/July 2006)

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Featured in Material Performance (Jan. 2007)
Concrete International (Jan. 2007)
NRMCA (Winter 2007)

Coat Once. Last Longer. Up to 3 times longer.

Featured in Material Performance (Nov. 2006)
JPCL (Oct. 2006)

Rinse Rust Away

Featured in Material Performance (Aug. 2006)

Contract Filling and Private Label

Featured in Spray Technology (Feb/Mar/May/Jul/Aug/Sep 2006)

Corrosion problem? Take a few Pills.

Featured in NED (May/Dec 2006)

Lubricant and Grease Formulated Combat Ready

Featured in Lubes'N'Greases (Aug/Oct 2006)

Stop Scale, Corrosion Protect the Planet

Featured in The Analyst (Spring/Fall 2006)
Material Performance (May/Sept 2006)

Combat Ready Lubricant & Fuel Additives Turn the switch, they're ready to roll

Featured in Lubes'N'Greases (Feb/Jun/Sept 2006)

EcoWorks 70 100% Biodegradable 70% Renewable
Featured in NED (Sept 2006)
Packaging Digest (Jun/Sept/Oct/Nov 2006)
BioPlastics (1st/2nd issue 2006)
BioCycle (May 2006)
Rinse Rust Away

Featured in
NED (Mar 2006)

Combat Ready Lubricant and Hydraulic Fluids

Featured in
Lubes'N'Greases (Feb 2006)

EcoShield® Stands Up To Wet Bottoms

Featured in
Paper, Film, Foil Converter (Feb/Apr/Dec 2006)

Coat Once. Last Longer. Up to 3 times longer.

Featured in
JCT Coatings Tech (Jan/Apr 2006)
JPCL (Feb/Jul 2006)
Material Performance (Jun 2006)

Protect vital circuitry against Corrosion

Featured in NED (Jan/Oct 2006)

Get a new lease on structural life with MCI®

Featured in Material Performance (Jan 2006) Concrete International (Feb/May 2006)

Double the Durability of your Concrete

Featured in Concrete International (Jan/Apr/Aug 2006

Authorized Distributor of Cortec® Products
VpCI™ Building Blocks for Water Treatment Formulations
Featured in The Analyst Magazine
Is Molybdate Giving You a Migraine? Take the Cortec Pill.

Featured in The Analyst (Winter/Summer 2006)

A Revolutionary Way to Extend the Service Life of Concrete Structures. Simple...Sure...Safe.
THREE PHASE PROTECTION NEW additive for water-based and other aerosol formulations.Protects against in-can corrosion without the use of special internal coatings or the risk of altering formulations

Stop Rust: US Composting Council
EcoWorks in the UK

Wastes Management, January 2004 .

Cortec® is a Corporate Sponsor of NACE Foundation for Corrosion Science and Education

Materials Performance, November 2003.

Being a World Leader...

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we've gotchya covered.

Featured in Lubes N' Greases . Also in Lubrication Engineering.

go organic.

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heavy metal.

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2 in 1 - CAN'T BEAT IT!!

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Equipment News
and New Equipment Digest.

Mild on everything except RUST

Featured in Materials Performance and Industrial Equipment News and New Equipment Digest.

Asset Protection
Stop corrosion attack with long term MCI® Durability.

Featured in Materials Performance, Concrete International ,Construction Specifier , Concrete Practice, Concrete Repair Bulletin.

Solve corrosion problems with expert Solutions.

Featured in Materials Performance.

Boiler Lizards™ for Dry Lay-Up

Featured in Materials Performance.

Three Phase Protection

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Featured in Industrial Equipment News, New Equipment Digest.


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Super Cool - Super Lube

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World Leader

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CorrLube Motor Oil

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