Rawn America Carbon Cleaner Degreaser on Contact

Rawn AmericaTM's hard working organic Carbon Cleaner replaces chlorinated solvents for removal of baked-on grease, oils and grime for electromechanical assemblies, and a broad range of other equipment and parts. Non-corrosive and residue free, the easy to use aerosol removes carbon, grease, oils and varnish with a penetrating formulation that is safe on sensitive metals.

For use on applications such as contacts, controls, relays, terminals, printed circuit boards, motors, gears, and industrial machinery, the cleaner removes lubricating accumulation, corrosive elements and air-born contaminates without leaving a harmful residue. Delicate electronic components are left free of oil and dust accumulation that cause electrical failure.

Directly spray and saturate surfaces allowing them to dry before re-application. After application equipment can be operated to ensure that all contact surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned. The powerful cleaner eliminates oily, greasy buildup without affecting machinability. Its rapid penetration and drying time eliminate equipment maintenance down-time.