VpCI®-126 Film- New and Improved

Cortec's VpCI(tm)-126 Film is now extruded from new high-tech resin blend. The film's performance provides superior mechanical characteristics when compared to the competitors' products.

These characteristics include higher chemical resistance, better low- and high-temperature, performance, higher impact strength at a given density, greater resistance to environmental stress cracking, and greater puncture resistance and tear strength. The following is a comparative analysis.
a) Tensile Strength ~ 80% better
b) Tear strength ~ 500% better
c) Puncture resistance ~ 25% better
d) Elongation ~ 40% better

Don't forget that VpCI(tm)-126 has the same properties, at a thinner gauge than our competitors. For example, 4 mil VpCI(tm)-126 film has better physical properties and equal or better barrier properties, than most 6 mil competitors' film.