New Products


by Dr. Margarita Kharshan, R&D Manager


MCI-2007 CorrCrete™

This product is a multifunctional admixture to concrete, combining Cortec's exclusive Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor™ for rebar protection and superplasticizers for concrete flowability.  MCI-2007 CorrCrete™ is the first of its kind on the market for concrete additives.  It is recommended for use in all concrete, especially reinforced, including prestressed and post-tensioned.  This water-based, water-reducing additive reduces the amount of mixing water up to 20%.  MCI-2007 CorrCrete™ provides superior corrosion protection to reinforced steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel and other metals embedded in concrete by forming a protective layer on metal.  Chloride concentration in the concrete does not matter; MCI-2007 CorrCrete™ prevents corrosion on the rebar.  In addition, MCI-2007 CorrCrete™ is environmentally friendly and does not contain any VOCs.

MCI-2020 V/O and MCI-2022 V/O

Applications of MCI-2020 and MCI-2022 are often done on vertical surfaces or on bridges in windy conditions.  Both of these situations can cause loss of the product due to flowdown (vertical), misting (bridges), or excessive labor due to the need for multiple coats.

To avoid these problems, new more viscous versions of MCI-2020 and MCI-2022 were developed and named MCI-2020 V/O and MCI-2022 V/O, respectively.

Both of these products adhere very well to concrete surfaces and have relatively short drying times.  They have good sprayability, and can be applied with brush or roller as well.  In addition, MCI-2020 V/O and MCI-2022 V/O build a thicker layer of product on the concrete surface, which allows one-coat application instead of two.


ElectriCorr® VCI-286: Coating for Electronics

We are very proud to announce that Cortec has a coating that will help our customers in the electronics industry.

ElectriCorr® VCI-286 is an acrylic-based conformal coating containing Cortec's unique corrosion inhibitors.

This coating conforms well to metal surfaces, is non-conductive and dries very fast. ElectriCorr® VCI-286 has many advantages in comparison with conventional conformal coatings.  The most important are: Cortec's product contains a corrosion inhibitor for multimetal protection, has exceptional moisture resistance, and is VOC-free.  (The solvent used in this product was added to the list of compounds excluded from the definition of VOC in June 2000.)

ElectriCorr® VCI-286 contains a special UV light additive to help identify its presence on metal surfaces by using UV light.  Depending on the application, ElectriCorr® VCI-286 is available in aerosol cans or in bulk liquid.

VCI-367: Solvent-based Temporary Coating

VCI-367 is the latest in a series of solvent-based temporary coatings that provide excellent multimetal corrosion protection (1,000 hr. salt spray or humidity resistance at 2-mils).  VCI-367 has several unique characteristics that sets it apart from all other temporary coatings.  It is non-tacky, does not run when heated to 200+ºF (93ºC), can be immersed in water and can even be topcoated in some cases.

There are several situations where VCI-367 would be used instead of a tacky temporary coating:

1.   If the coating were subjected to constant heat, such as an air conditioner in a warm climate such as Hawaii, VCI-367 would remain in place and provide excellent corrosion protection.  A tacky coating would tend to run.

2.   Some tacky temporary coatings brushed on screws thin out when a second coating is applied.  VCI-367 will build up film thickness between coats, providing total protection of the screws.

3.   A yellow alkyd was applied over VCI-367 to provide significantly improved corrosion protection, compared to a straight alkyd.  The aesthetic appearance of the alkyd coating was better than the brownish color of all temporary coatings.


This unique non-tacky epoxy-ester resin coating was evaluated by one of our customers with great success.  The new coating contains very effective corrosion inhibitors and provides extremely good protection at very thin film thicknesses.  For example, 0.03 to 0.09 mils thick films provide up to 20 hours of protection in a salt spray environment.  Films 1.4 mils thick protect cold-rolled steel in salt spray environments for more than 400 hours.

VCI-390 is waterborne and can be diluted with water for dip applications.  The product air-dries in 1 to 2 hours and cures completely in one week at room temperature, forming a nice transparent film on the metal surface.  For customers who are looking for a black coating, a black version of VCI-390 is available.


Cor-Pak® VCI Antistatic Stretch Film

Antistatic materials are of special importance in packaging.  Poor electrical conductivity of plastics causes a lot of problems during production, handling and use. The insulative property of plastic materials means that friction or separating two plastic sheets may lead to the creation of a charge.  Dust and dirt may settle between the stretch film layers.  This may lower cling properties.

Cortec's new Cor-Pak® VCI Antistatic Stretch Film meets the requirements for antistatic film under MIL-B-81705C, Type II, and has a surface resistivity of 109-1011ohms/sq and a static decay of <2 seconds.

The biggest advantage of Cor-Pak® VCI Antistat Stretch Film is the combination of antistatic and VCI properties, providing long-lasting multimetal protection.

Cor-Pak® VCI Cushion

This new product was developed specially for packaging of sensitive electronics parts, such as circuit boards, motherboards, etc.  Cor-Pak® VCI Foam combines:

•  Protection from corrosion damage

•  Protection from physical damage (cushioning)

•  ESD protection

Construction of the VCI foam is quite simple: Cortec's VCI-126 or VCI-125 film is laminated to closed-cell polyethylene foam (1/18" or 1/16" thickness).  No adhesive is needed for lamination.

Additional benefits include:

•  Durability and reusability

•  Heat-sealability

•  Non-abrasiveness

•  Water resistivity

•  Resistance to most solvents and chemicals

Military Packaging – MilCorr™

A recent military document provides a more detailed definition of packaging:

"The processes and procedures used to protect material from deterioration and damage.  It includes cleaning, drying, preserving, packaging, marking and unitization."

Now, a quick quiz:

To preserve, let's say a military vehicle, what properties of the packaging material are desired? 

Let's name the most important: ultra strength, corrosion protection, UV protection, flame retardancy, superior shrink characteristics, . . .

How many products do we need to meet all there requirements?

The answers are numerous if you don't ask Cortec Corporation to help address your problem.  We can solve this task with just one product - MilCorr™ Shrink Film.

This composite film has everything you need - ultimate strength characteristics, powerful multimetal VCI, ultraviolet and flame retardant package.

MilCorr™ was specifically designed to meet the most stringent military requirements.  Of course, you can use it for "civil" applications, such as mothball preservation of industrial equipment, export packaging, heavy equipment, recreational vehicles (boats, snowmobiles), etc.

This new tan film is available in sheeting and tubing with a thickness from 10 to 12 mils (250-300 microns).

Cor-Pak® Cocooning Stretch Film

A new low cost procedure to wrap metal coils in a rolling position with bore/eye horizontal is now operational.  The process utilizes a semi-automatic stretch wrapper and Cortec's unique Cor-Pak®Cocooning Stretch Film, specifically designed for applications requiring a strong yet soft film.  It is now possible to cocoon-wrap coils fast and efficiently with packaging that conforms to the metal product.

To properly protect eye horizontal coils against corrosion and handling damage, several packaging components are required.  An ID insert to protect the bore/eye, an ID edge protector to prevent handling damage when lifting, sidewall protection to avoid damage from C-hook or equivalent when moving coils, and an OD protector to prevent edge cuts during wrapping and stacking of coils.  However, the manual placement of these necessary components negated goals for reduced labor and investment costs.

Cortec developed corrosion protection with each of these required components.  VCI-350 A and B are used for fiberboard and corrugated, VCI-357 saturation coating for laminated edge protection, VCI-126 films for ID tubes and edge wraps, EcoWeave®where strength is required, and even VCI plastic corrugated for converting as warranted.

Cocoon Wrap Method

Most manufacturers of stretch wrap equipment offer various size and speed units in their semi-automatic line to cocoon wrap coils.  They can either furnish blocker rollers used to roll the coil during wrapping or install over an existing blocker roll system.  These wrappers are available with an articulating wrapper arm to move in and out for coil placement and removal.  Cost for the wrapper only with 12-18 rpm would be approximately $20,000 US and compatible blocker rolls would be about $15,000 US installed, depending upon desired accessories.  These relatively low costs for mill equipment are what make this packaging method universally available.

Cortec's high-performance Cor-Pak® Cocooning Stretch Film is designed for maximum strength and holding force with superior corrosion protection.  For the Cocoon Wrap method, trials found that other characteristics were required leading to the developed of the unique Cor-Pak® Cocooning Stretch Film.  This innovative film maintains the same advantages as regular Cortec stretch film.  It also conforms exceptionally well to the curvature of the coil and adheres to prevent slippage and zippering of the film.


You know that Cortec's policy is to make environmentally friendly products.  Most of Cortec's products are very environmentally friendly, but on the other hand they are also great fighters - they are fighting corrosion on the metals.  They fight corrosion everywhere: in the air, water and oil, and they are winners!

Cortec's laboratory developed a new "green" line of "corrosion fighters" based on soybean oil methyl ester instead of mineral oil to make our products even more safe for our customers and the environment.

Four new products were developed based on soybean oil methyl ester.  All of these products were developed for different applications, but have a lot in common: good lubricity, penetrating properties, excellent corrosion protection, biodegradability and environmental friendliness.

EcoLine™ Long-term Rust Preventative

This rust preventative is an excellent replacement for oil- and solvent-based rust preventive materials.  Containing very effective corrosion inhibitors based on VCI technology, this product provides dependable anti-corrosion protection in high humidity atmospheres and chloride-containing environments.

This product is ready-to-use and can be applied by dipping, spraying or brushing at many stages of metal fabrication, storage or shipment.  Protecting different kinds of metals, EcoLine™ Rust Preventative provides protection when in contact with the metal and from some distance as well, due to Cortec's patented VCIs.

EcoLine™ All Purpose Lubricant

This product was designed for industrial, shop and home use.  In addition to the lubricity, which comes from the soybean oil methyl ester, this product contains a friction modifier and extreme pressure additive.  Like all products based on Cortec's technology, EcoLine™ All Purpose Lubricant contains unique vapor corrosion inhibitors, which prevent corrosion on uncoated and difficult to reach areas in cutting and stamping.  It also provides multimetal protection.

EcoLine™ Cleaner/Degreaser

In addition to the above-mentioned properties, soybean oil methyl ester has excellent cleaning/degreasing properties and great solvency.  These properties can be compared to the same for D-Limonene and solvents like mineral spirits.  However, D-Limonene is flammable while mineral spirits are combustible and not biodegradable.  In addition, both solvents are 100% VOC, while soybean oil methyl ester is VOC-free.

EcoLine™ Cleaner/Degreaser is a heavy-duty, water-dilutable cleaner/degreaser for tough cleaning jobs in industrial and commercial applications.  It is ideal for cleaning machinery, shop tools, hoods, parts in-process, food processing equipment, office equipment, floors, walls and desks.  The cleaner can be easily rinsed off the surface with water and does not affect adhesion of paints or coatings.  This cleaner/degreaser also provides multimetal corrosion protection.

EcoLine™ Cutting Fluid

EcoLine™ Cutting Fluid is a multifunctional biodegradable concentrate for metal cutting operations.  When added to water at a ratio of 1:40 or 1:30, it gives a stable emulsion that provides excellent cooling and little or no smoke during use.  Being environmentally friendly and biodegradable, this product is an effective lubricant and very good anti-corrosion product for in-plant processing and storage up to 4 months.


M-529: Additive to Engine Oil

A new very economical additive to diesel and gasoline engine oils was developed in Cortec's laboratory.

It is well known that engines contain, along with ferrous metals, a number of colored metals and their alloys.  All of these metals are very sensitive to high temperatures (oxidation) and chemical/electrochemical corrosion.  This corrosion may be initiated by regular oil additives or "sour condensates", and water-based low pH electrolytes, which are usually present in engine and exhaust systems of cars.

M-529, when added to engine oil, provides excellent protection from all types of corrosion: high-temperature, chemical and electrochemical, in storage or "stop and go" conditions.

There are a variety of different standard tests to pass when considering an additive for engine oil.  M-529 passed all these tests and showed excellent results in real life conditions - it was tested as an oil additive to a car engine.  When added to engine oil at 1.5-2% by weight, M-529 will solve all corrosion problems.


VCI CorrVerter™ Stops Rust!

For home, boat, auto - anywhere you have rust, our new VCI CorrVerter™ will help you.  This water-based primer is recommended for application to rusty or poorly prepared steel surfaces where further corrosion protection is required.  VCI CorrVerter™ is formulated to penetrate and eliminate rust, get down to the bare metal and stop further rusting.

VCI CorrVerter™ contains a novel chemical chelating agent that modifies the surface rust into a hydrophobic passive layer.  VCI CorrVerter™ combines this chelating agent with a high solids waterborne latex that has extremely low water vapor permeability.

VCI CorrVerter™ contains no tannic, phosphoric or any other acids, provides long-term corrosion protection for poorly prepared substrates, and can be topcoated with solvent-based and water-based paints with no bleeding.  Cortec’s VCI-386 (acrylic-based latex), VCI-395 and VCI-365 (epoxies), and VCI-396 (moisture cure urethane) will be the best choices for topcoats.

This unique product works even in the presence of excess salt contamination, which makes it very suitable for marine application.

Do you have problems with sandblasting or cleaning?  Use VCI CorrVerter™.  It will arrest rust, promote topcoat adhesion and prevent rerusting.  And, like the majority of Cortec's products, VCI CorrVerter™ is environmentally friendly, non-flammable and non-toxic.