Rawn America Introduces 7 New Products

Carbon Cleaner, VCI Teflon Lube, Skin Pro-Tec, Injector Cleaner, High Temperature Anti Seize Compound, Moly Lube, Pumice Hand Cleaner

In the next 60 days, Cortec® Corporation, through its Rawn America brand, will be introducing seven new, exciting and innovative products. With a corporate initiative to introduce 20% new products, with 20% new growth, Rawn America products are well on their way towards exceeding this goal. Pricing and availability will be in an upcoming mailing.

Carbon Cleaner

Rawn America brand's hard-working, organic Carbon Cleaner replaces chlorinated solvents for removal of baked-on grease, oils and grime for electromechanical assemblies, and a broad range of other equipment and parts. Non-corrosive and residue free, the easy to use aerosol removes carbon, grease, oils and varnish with a penetrating formulation that is safe on sensitive metals. For use on contacts, controls, relays, terminals, motors, gears, and industrial machinery, the cleaner removes lubricating accumulation, corrosive elements and air-borne contaminates without leaving a harmful residue. Electronic components are left free of oil and dust accumulation that causes electrical failure. Simple to use, directly sprays and saturates surfaces. The non-ozone-depleting cleaner removes oily, greasy build-up like carbon and varnish without affecting machinability. Its rapid penetration and quick drying time minimizes equipment maintenance down time.


This newly developed, high tech, premium grade lubricant that provides an extremely effective lubricating and anti-corrosion protective coating for mechanical devices and parts.

Formulated to incorporate new, innovative technologies, this product contains vapor corrosion inhibitors (VpCIs). The protective boundary lubricating film of this product is self-healing, moisture displacing and highly resistant to salt, water and weather. Use ensures superior protection against the most aggressive of environments; equipment runs smoother and longer, and downtime is reduced. Highly recommended for use on push-pull cables, pulleys and guides, pneumatic cylinders, valves, hydraulic equipment, conveyors, marine equipment, tools, motors, gears, bearings and bushings, office machines, electronic equipment, pumps, guns and fishing gear, farm equipment, roller bearings and more. Non-harmful to painted surfaces, rubber and plastics. Contains no ozone-depleting substances.

Skin Pro-Tec

Skin Pro-Tec is an anti-bacterial hand protection, especially useful in the food handling industry. The moisturizing formula promotes dermal health to resist penetration of environmental and chemical irritants. It aids in reducing cross-contamination and promotes healthy skin by reducing dryness, irritation and chapping. Provides effective and persistent activity not only between washes and where extreme hand washing protocols are mandated. It contains no dyes or fragrances. Continuous protection, for up to four hours.

Injector Cleaner

HI-PRO Fuel Injection Cleaning solvent is a powerful solvent blend that cleans all surfaces and internal engine workings it contacts. The high flash point ensures the solvent resists burning within the engine enabling it to clean through the injectors, tips, combustion chambers and exhaust valves. This cleaner is a top selling injector cleaner in Spain.

High Temperature Anti Seize Compound

Available as both a paste and aerosol spray, High-Temperature Anti-Seize prevents fretting corrosion from occurring on threaded and non-threaded connectors which are exposed to severe operating environments or very high temperatures. Slows aging of threaded fastening devices and connectors and aids in easy release and removal of fastening devices during periodic maintenance procedures or at other times where removal is required. Typical applications for which this product is ideally suited and recommended uses include: lubrication of rollers, oven chains, hinges, marine and outdoor equipment. This product is an absolutely indispensable and necessary part of any maintenance, automotive, marine or aircraft mechanic's tool crib.

Moly Lube

Moly Lube Aerosol Spray is a molybdenum disulfide based lubricant formulated to offer excellent protection in harsh, aggressive environments. Designed for use on all mechanical linkages, this product offers superior lubricating performance. Reduces friction and parts wear during assembly and break-in periods, protecting the metal parts to which it is applied. Withstands salt, humidity and is highly water-resistant. Offers lubricating protection over a wide temperature range from -20 degrees F(-28 degrees C) to 485 degrees F(251 degrees C). Highly recommended used to lubricate VCRs and other electronic machines, splints, gears, cams, tacks, threaded connectors, conveyor tracks, chains, and more; aids in breaking in bearings, press fitting, lubricating during metal forming, cold extrusion and general parts assembly.

Pumice Hand Cleaner

EcoClean® Hand Cleaner is a gentle, highly effective organic hand cleaning preparation formulated for industrial and household applications--anywhere hands get dirty and soiled. This combination vegetable oil / citrus based formulation contains finely ground pure volcanic pumice to ensure fast, deep cleaning and removal of embedded industrial soils, adhesives, asphalt, carbon, cement, graphite, grease, grime, paint, printer's inks, putty, shellac, stain, tar and other stubborn stains and contaminants from the skin. May be used without water if desired. The skin-friendly formulation out cleans regular soaps and is easily rinsed away using plain water. Leaves behind no greasy residues.