Biobased Solutions to Winter Road Salt Corrosion

October 8, 2020

With winter coming, those of us in northern climates like Cortec’s Minnesota headquarters know that means another battle with snow, ice, and deicing salts. While deicers do an excellent job making slippery roads safer and drivable, they also wreak havoc on vehicle frames and bodies that rust more quickly than in warmer, drier climates. Although deicing salts seem to be a necessary evil to keep functioning, Cortec® has two biobased products that can help minimize the damage.

M-605 PS is a deicing fluid additive that protects both ferrous and aluminum-based alloys and works best in CaCL2 deicers. It contains 98% USDA certified biobased content but does not contain chromate, nitrite, or phosphate inhibitors. M-605 PS conforms to Pacific Northwest (PNS) Department of Transportation requirements for additives to deicers and passes their corrosion tests when added to a deicer at a concentration level of 5% by weight.

A second way to fight vehicle corrosion is to remove salts from off the vehicle as quickly as possible. Simple washing goes a long way to extending vehicle service life. However, mixing FlashCorr® VpCI® with wash water can be even more effective to remove and neutralize even the harshest of salt buildup on metal surfaces. It also prevents flash rust. FlashCorr® VpCI® contains 64% USDA certified biobased content and is nitrite- and amine-free. It is excellent for everyday cleanup of salt-permeated equipment in winter (think fleet maintenance) and can be used as part of a preventative maintenance program to add years to the useful life of equipment.

M-605 PS and FlashCorr® VpCI® are two great ways for DOTs to add corrosion protection to their standard road and fleet maintenance plan while making use of USDA Certified Biobased Products. Be sure to get the word out now to help these and other vehicle fleets on the road prepare for winter!

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