CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #335: Refurbishment of Military Displays

December 29, 2021

Two military AAV (amphibious assault vehicle) museum display pieces needed a new durable topcoat. One of these AAVs had been retired for about 10 years and only required a topcoat, while the other was heavily corroded and oxidized after spending three months under water off the coast of Okinawa. Surface rust was removed from rims, tie downs, and bolt heads using wire brushes and scrapers before cleaning surfaces with isopropyl alcohol and applying VpCI® CorrVerter®. Aluminum oxidation, barnacles, and loose paint were also removed from the vehicle, and rough surfaces “feathered” with sandpaper. All AAV surfaces were wiped clean once again with isopropyl alcohol before finally applying a VpCI®-375 corrosion inhibiting topcoat by a combination of brush, roller, and airless spray. The two coatings seemed well-suited to the job with little need for touchup.

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