CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #596: Stone Cladding Tile Repair with MCI®

August 24, 2021

A residential building less than 10 years old began to have trouble with stone cladding tiles falling off the exterior. The culprit was corrosion on concrete reinforcement and stone cladding anchors.

To repair the structure, unstable cladding tiles were removed. Holes were drilled into grout lines to inject MCI®-2020 Gel beneath the surface. MCI®-2006 NS was also injected into voids behind the cladding tiles. Drill holes were sealed, grout lines renewed, and tiles were re-anchored and replaced where necessary.

The project was considered a success. A visual survey three years later found no sign of further corrosion damage. The project was even featured in a presentation on restoring stone structures given by the specifying engineer at an engineering convention about five years after the repair.

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