Choose the Best Wet or Dry Layup Option for Your Boiler!

March 20, 2020

When it comes time for you to put a boiler into layup, remember you can always turn to Cortec® for the industry’s best wet or dry layup solutions. Cortec’s water treatments simplify and replace traditional boiler layup methods that are more complicated or less friendly for users and the environment. The following guidelines will help you decide if dry, wet, or wet-dry layup is the best option for you and your clients.

Dry layup is the most common choice for seasonal boiler layup and is incredibly easy thanks to the Boiler Lizard®. It is generally the preferred option when you have plenty of time to refill the boiler before bringing it back online, or when you cannot leave water in the boiler due to freezing conditions. Rather than relying on nitrogen blanketing, dry air systems, or quick lime and silica gel, you can place the water-soluble Boiler Lizard® pouch inside the empty boiler and slit it open to release Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors. These VpCI® molecules condition the enclosed atmosphere and form a corrosion inhibiting layer on all metal surfaces within. When you refill the boiler, the Boiler Lizard® will simply dissolve.
Wet layup is another option. This is ideal if you cannot or do not want to drain the boiler. One possible reason for this is the need to restart the boiler more rapidly than refilling a drained boiler would allow. Cortec® VpCI® treatments are ideal for such applications because they do not require the additional monitoring needed to maintain sulfite or pH levels, yet they follow startup procedures similar to traditional wet layup options. For even faster startup, you can keep the boiler on low-fire for standby.

If you prefer to store a boiler dry but cannot or do not want to open the boiler or do any extra steps after draining, a wet-dry layup may be the option for you. This unique strategy involves adding Cortec® VpCI® to the system and maintaining the boiler at high water for 24 hours before draining.
Cortec® has several new ready-to-use water treatment “animals” coming soon for wet and wet-dry layup of boilers. Stay tuned for more information or contact us today to get a sneak preview of our lineup:!

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