Clean up Corrosion with Cortec’s Rust and Oxide Removers!

May 27, 2021

Rust not only affects the appearance of metal but can also affect the integrity of a metal part and lead to failure over time. That’s why rust removal is such an important step in preserving critical spares or preparing a surface for successful welding or coating. It can also be a lifesaver for manufacturers who need to reclaim new components that have unexpectedly corroded in transit. Fortunately, Cortec® has a whole palette of rust removal solutions at your service!

Rust Removal Standbys
Cortec’s most well-known rust removers are VpCI®-422 and VpCI®- 423 (gel version), two USDA Certified Biobased Products that are less acidic than common consumer chemicals (e.g., Drano) and whose main
active ingredients are commonly used in the food industry. These rust removers can be used in a dip tank or applied directly to a rusty metal surface for 20-30 minutes (or more, depending on rust severity) before being cleaned off and neutralized with a VpCI
®-41x Series cleaner. VpCI®-426, although not biobased, can be applied where slightly faster rust removal action is desired. All three can be used on iron, steel, and yellow metals.

Neutral pH Options
While these three rust removers are non-hazardous and typically not a problem when used with the proper protective wear (e.g., gloves), even gentler options are available for those who can wait a little longer for the oxide removal process to complete. VpCI®-422 G has a neutral pH and can be used to remove oxides from galvanized steel in about one to two hours. VpCI®-425 and VpCI®-429 are two more rust removers with neutral pH that work on iron and steel over the course of eight to 24 hours.

Aluminum Oxide Removers
VpCI®-427 and VpCI®-428 are two options for removing oxides from aluminum. VpCI®-427 is alkaline and serves as a nice alternative to mineral acids and caustic soda. VpCI®-428 has an acidic pH, is readily biodegradable, and also leaves behind brighter metal. Both work in about 20-30 minutes.

A full portfolio of rust removal options awaits! Take advantage of these solutions by contacting Cortec® today:

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