Cortec® Coatings Solutions Get the Industry Thinking at SSPC Coatings+ 2020 Show

February 27, 2020

The SSPC Coatings+ conference, February 3rd-6th in Long Beach, CA, was another great time for Cortec’s coating experts to field the questions of coatings applicators and others desiring to stay abreast of the latest coating technologies. As usual, attendees were interested in learning about Cortec® removable coatings (such as VpCI®-368 and VpCI®-391) and topcoats (such as EcoShield® 386) as they looked for specific product types for their applications.

Since contractors often do blasting for good surface prep prior to coatings application, CorrVerter® Rust Converter Primer was of special interest—though met with some disbelief at finding such an easy alternative to sandblasting. The coatings team left applicators with the challenge of trying CorrVerter® for themselves since the product has worked well for Cortec® and many other satisfied users.

Markus Bieber (VP Sales, Integrated Solutions), who attended the show along with Coatings Chemist Rick Shannon, commented that while other rust converters exist on the market, they are limited in their top coating options. Since CorrVerter® works with either water-based or solvent-based topcoat systems, “Ours is much more flexible for use,” said Markus. These and many other interesting Cortec® Coatings Technology conversations left attendees with great food for thought as they left the show and went back out in the field to apply more protective coatings.

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