Cortec® Corrosion Solutions Available Around the Globe!

March 3, 2021

Corrosion knows no borders, which is why we are pleased to offer VpCI®/MCI® solutions to corrosion around the globe! Whether you or your clients find yourselves in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, or South America, we are ready to help. With headquarters in the United States and a network of subsidiaries, field offices, licensees, distributors, and manufacturers’ representatives operating in more than 100 countries, Cortec® solutions can reach you just about anywhere.

Cortec® solutions to corrosion have been used internationally for more than four decades and continue to be actively relied on by major global companies. A small sampling of case histories—most from the last few years and several from 2020—offers a tiny snapshot of their application in a broad range of industries in practically every continent:

• Extending service life of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, in Dubai
• Protective packaging for steel coils exported worldwide from Australia
• Global harmonization of Christmas tree hydrotesting product
• Corrosion protection on a wind farm in Brazil
• Preservation of medical tomographs for shipment across Russia
• Preservation of land-based oil rig in Algeria
• Protection of gauging equipment for Japanese automaker
• Storage of mining industry components in Chile
• Protection of large metal ferrule for nuclear application in Europe
• Extending service life of Gulf State Park Lodge in Alabama (U.S.)
• Enhancing durability of a water tower repair in Sweden
• Preservation of subsea pipelines in the Persian Gulf
• Implementing a plastics recycling program for a major off-road equipment assembly plant receiving components wrapped in VpCI®-126 Film from dozens of suppliers across the U.S. and world

The list goes on with hundreds of case histories representing multiple decades of VpCI®/MCI® application in a diversity of industries across the globe.
Corrosion is everywhere, but we are ready to be there with you, too. Contact our list of global representatives today to get the reliable solutions you need in your corner of the world:

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