Cortec® SEA Teams up with BDP to Expand Distribution Options in Southeast Asia

December 12, 2019

As the global leader in the manufacture of VCI/VpCI® Technology, Cortec® Corporation is pleased to note the expansion of its offerings for customers in Southeast Asia. Thanks to the opening of the Cortec® Southeast Asia (SEA) office last year in Singapore, customers in the region have access to an important distribution hub that allows a quicker response and shorter lead times for customers needing corrosion solutions in the area.

Cortec® SEA has partnered with BDP, a leading provider and specialist chemical storage company, to support the distribution of Cortec® corrosion solutions in Southeast Asia. “Our strengths complement one another,” said Philip Horsford, Regional Manager for Cortec® SEA. He called the relationship a “Strong partnership to support the growth and delivery of mega projects in Southeast Asia.”

Patrick Tan, Director of Asia Pacific Global Chemical Sales for BDP, also affirmed, “With the understanding of Cortec’s businesses, we were able to customise a solution to support current and future growth plans throughout Southeast Asia.”

Cortec® is grateful for the diligent efforts and teamwork of Cortec® SEA and BDP to make these plans a reality and to increase responsiveness in Southeast Asia so users can quickly put Cortec’s corrosion solutions into action.

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