Cortec’s ‘Solutions to Corrosion’ Attract Strong Interest at FABTECH

December 11, 2019

Cortec’s “Solutions to Corrosion” drew much interest at the November 11th-14th FABTECH conference in Chicago. Already known as the largest North American conference of its kind, this year’s FABTECH boasted record attendance. It was an excellent opportunity for Cortec® to bring its lines of EcoAir®, EcoLine®, and VpCI® packaging products before a variety of key players in the metal fabricating, forming, welding, and finishing industries. Cortec® had many good discussions and was able to give very specific solutions to corrosion problems attendees shared in the majority of these conversations.

Cortec’s EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative was one of those specific solutions that generated significant interest among the tool and die, bending and metal forming industries. These shops may use a piece of tooling for one job and then put it on the shelf for a week or several months before it is used again. In the meantime, they want an effective way to protect costly equipment from rust. EcoAir® Tool & Die is quickly being recognized as a promising solution for these applications. Another specific solution Cortec® offered addressed the problem of rust spots forming on precision metal equipment that is too large to dip in a rust removal liquid. For these applications, Cortec’s EcoAir® 422 and 423 biobased rust removers provided excellent alternatives that can be sprayed on for touchup of high-value pieces. These products are packaged in EcoAir® spray cans powered by compressed air rather than traditional chemical propellants for additional user and environmental benefit.

During FABTECH, the Cortec® team also had the pleasure of connecting with a number of current customers, as well as building trust with attendees who either know Cortec® users or have problems similar to those Cortec® has already been able to help solve. Cortec® looks forward to following up with these individuals to provide samples and support to everyone interested in implementing Cortec® corrosion solutions in their own metal industry applications.

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