COVID C&I Shutdown Whitepaper Carries Ongoing Relevance for Water Treatment Professionals Today

March 18, 2021

Developed and published as a response to the COVID-19 shutdowns of commercial and institutional (C&I) facilities last year, Cortec’s C&I shutdown guide remains highly relevant today, even as many institutions open up to more normal operating conditions. Pandemic or not, there will always be a need for temporary shutdowns of one kind or another—from seasonal layup to maintenance shutdowns. Our whitepaper addresses the importance of maintaining idle assets corrosion-free during shutdowns to reinstate operations as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, without unwanted delays, repairs, or premature equipment failure from complications of corrosion.

The C&I shutdown guide introduces three methods of layup—dry, wet, and wet-dry—and goes on to describe Cortec’s collection of water treatment “reptiles” and the basic procedure for applying each. Of particular benefit is a list of many different components found in boilers, steam generation, cooling water, and closed loop systems. The list recommends a specific boiler layup reptile for use in each component based on component size and preferred layup method.

Although water treatment is a major focus of this whitepaper, it also suggests helpful technologies for grease trap maintenance, long-lasting concrete repairs, and biological cleaning activities—three other areas of relevance for facility managers. In addition to describing technology options, the whitepaper identifies several Cortec® case histories that feature the use of some specific Cortec®, MCI®, or Bionetix® products.

If you want a quick but in-depth guide to Cortec® water treatment layup and other helpful ideas for industrial maintenance, be sure to make use of this C&I shutdowns guide already at your fingertips! Find it at:

For a PDF version please click here.