Deep Clean Your Oil Spills This Fall!

September 22, 2020

Fall is the last chance for many of us to do outdoor cleanup before cold weather sets in. If your list of chores includes tackling those driveway or parking lot oil stains that have been staring at you all summer, the good news is that Bionetix® biotechnology makes the process quick and easy!

Bionetix® biologicals rely on biosurfactants and/or beneficial bacteria to disperse and then digest hydrocarbons such as gasoline, diesel, crude oil, etc. These products are easy to apply and better than traditional chemical surfactants or harsh caustic and acidic cleaners for users and the environment.

BCL5000™ is a great option for cleaning up oil spills on hard surfaces such as driveways, parking lots, or warehouse floors. It can be worked into the surface and left to digest the oils for one minute to an hour (or even overnight) before being sprayed off with water. After rinsing, any remaining microorganisms will continue to provide residual cleanup on the substrate where it was applied or downstream in drains and sewers. Bionetix® also offers bioremediation solutions for contaminated soil and water, as well as an emergency SPILL KIT 35S™ that is great to keep handy at any time of the year!

By putting these biologicals to work, you can approach winter with cleaner floors, driveways, and parking lots—plus the peace of mind that you have taken advantage of natural mechanisms to clean up pollution in your corner of the world!

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