Don’t Forget: VpCI®-137 Is Available With Custom Perforations

April 1, 2021

We are pleased to remind you that VpCI®-137 Foam rolls are still available for order with custom perforations! This excellent opportunity allows you to get the popular protective capabilities of the VpCI®-130 Series in practically any size you want! Minimum perforation size is 4 inches (10.16 cm) wide and 4 inches long. Beyond that, the only limit is the size of the roll, up to 54 inches (137.16 cm) wide and 132 feet (40 m) long.

Instead of confining users to 1 x 1 inch (2.5 x 2.5 cm) or 10 x 10 inch (25 x 25 cm) pieces of precut VpCI® emitting material, VpCI®-137 custom perforations allow workers to simply tear a custom-sized piece of corrosion-inhibiting foam off the roll whenever they need it. This opens the door to cost savings by being able to use the exact amount required for each package or application. Custom perforation also gives workers the flexibility of protecting a larger than normal space when necessary simply by keeping multiple smaller pieces attached together based on enclosure volume (VpCI®-137 protects 10 ft³ /ft² [3 m³ /m² ]).

Whether storing or shipping metal parts or laying up an entire room on a mothballed oil rig, a piece of VpCI®-137 Foam is a great way to apply the combined corrosion protection, desiccant action, and antistatic capabilities of VpCI®-137 to a small or large enclosure. Learn more about the VpCI®-130 Series here:

Then contact us for a custom perf quote:!

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