Don’t Let Salt Eat Away Your Vehicle Fleet This Winter

October 20, 2020

Now is the time to start spreading corrosion solutions to fight vehicle rust before DOTs start spreading deicers over the roads this winter! Those of us who cringe to think about chlorides splashing up on our cars and trucks in snow season can take comfort in sharing these Cortec® tips with DOTs and fleet owners to extend the service life of vehicles on the road.

Wash, Wash, Wash
One of the number one ways to fight vehicle corrosion is by regular washing. A metro area DOT in the heart of the U.S. Midwest found this to be true when they started using a custom dilution of VpCI®-406 several years ago. Plows, salt trucks, and highway patrol vehicles that undergo daily washing show a significant difference in the health of the vehicle frames and bodies, which used to have serious rust problems such as bolts loosening and drivers seats starting to drop through the floors. VpCI®-406 is phosphate free, leaves behind flash corrosion protection, has good foaming levels, and does not cause window streaking. It is great for DOTs, commercial car washes, or anyone responsible for winter fleet maintenance.

Add Corrosion Protection to Deicers
You can help the general population and their cars even further by recommending a corrosion inhibitor additive for deicing salts. The M-605 series helps fight corrosion at the source, right on the deicing equipment, ideally minimizing the impact of the treated deicer when it splashes up on vehicles. M-605 is a powder additive for NaCl based deicers. M-605 L is a liquid additive especially for MgCL2 based deicers. M-605 PS is a powder most effective in CaCl2 based deicer and is also a USDA Certified Biobased Product.

This fall, be sure to let DOTs, fleet managers, and car washes know about these great opportunities to minimize corrosion and extend the service life of their own vehicles and those of the general public. Contact us today for more information:

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