Don’t Make Peace of Mind an Afterthought in the Aftermarket Auto Industry

January 12, 2021

The aftermarket auto parts industry is a major field that stands to benefit from a good basic stock of protective packaging. Aftermarket suppliers frequently have to ship individual parts to auto shops for car repairs or customization. Rather than risking flash rust from fluctuating temperatures, humidity, and condensation on the journey, a layer of Cortec® VpCI® paper is often all that is needed to ensure the part arrives in like-new condition. Stocking one or both of these basic VpCI® papers will go a long way toward preserving aftermarket metals during storage and transit.

CorShield® VpCI®-146 Paper is a basic, but top-quality, corrosion inhibiting paper with double-sided protection. No matter which side is wrapped around the auto part, Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors in the paper coating will vaporize out and form a protective molecular layer on the metal surface. The molecular layer simply evaporates when the part is taken out of the paper (no extra cleaning/degreasing required), allowing the part to be installed immediately.

EcoShield® VpCI®-144 Paper adds another dimension to corrosion protection. One side is coated with Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors for active corrosion protection, while the other side is coated with a moisture barrier to resist the ingress of water vapor—in high humidity conditions, for instance. While many moisture-barrier papers on the market are coated with polyethylene or waxed coatings that make it difficult to recycle the papers through normal channels, EcoShield® VpCI®-144 Paper uses an innovative coating that is fully recyclable.

Wrapping an auto part in VpCI® Paper before shipping it off in a box is easy. Why not add some extra peace of mind by stocking up on CorShield® VpCI®-146 or EcoShield® VpCI®-144 Paper for dry corrosion protection in the aftermarket industry?

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