Energía Integral Andina S.A. Hosts First Webinar!

June 2, 2020

On May 8th, Energía Integral Andina (EIA), Cortec’s distributor in Colombia, Panama, and Peru, collaborated with Cortec® to host a successful webinar entitled, “Restarting After Quarantine? How to Face It With New Technologies Against Corrosion.”

More than 100 people from eight Latin American countries registered to participate in the webinar. The objective was to raise awareness among maintenance and operations managers—as well as plant and production coordinators—about the risks they could face in the reboot of their activities in various industries. A special challenge will be the impact of storage in uncontrolled environments combined with the untimely halt of activities, which could create a breeding ground for corrosion. The webinar addressed crucial sectors such as the aeronautical industry, mining, energy, and air conditioning, among others.

Engineers Jair Rozo and Gabriela Salomé led the presentation, making it clear that, “The best defense is not to attack, but to prevent.” This is a great lesson that has been reaffirmed in the current situation and was placed into the context of corrosion for this webinar.

The webinar presented VpCI® Technology, highlighting its environmentally responsible characteristics and basic chemistry action. Correctly applied to inhibit corrosion, this technology presents an effective and economical solution to help prevent possible equipment failures and reduce the need to replace spare parts, machinery, and/or tools. By preventing these problems before they start, VpCI® Technology is able to help save costs and optimize the corporate budget.
Dario Dell’Orto and Martha Liliana Castiblanco hosted the round of questions and answers. This part of the presentation saw very active participation from attendees, who were able to get guidance on questions regarding Cortec® Technology, products, and applications.

We want to give special thanks for the interest displayed by attendees and the Energía/Cortec® presenters who made this webinar possible. We hope that more educational and collaborative initiatives of this kind can be created soon to discuss the different solutions and innovations Energía Integral Andina S.A. is able to provide in its various units of business.

In the meantime, we invite you to watch the recording of this webinar at the link below! https://meeting.zoho.com/public/videoprv?recordingId=bbda10da6854710a2b747761b765666b8ae262a2790d00ab7c7643a428f588c3&src=mail

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