Help New RV and Boat Owners Keep Portable Toilet Odors in Check This Summer!

August 10, 2020

This summer, social distancing has resulted in a surge in boat and RV sales as people look for new ways to enjoy their vacations. More traffic of this kind on the roads and waterways naturally comes with an increase in portable toilet use and maintenance needs. Fortunately, Bionetix® PORTA-TREAT™ is an excellent non-formaldehyde solution for keeping bad odors and organic waste in check onboard boats and RVs.

The benefits of PORTA-TREAT™ go far beyond its fresh cherry fragrance. PORTA-TREAT™ contains natural and safe bacteria that go to work degrading organic wastes into odorless carbon dioxide and water. These microorganisms produce specific extracellular fast-acting enzymes that attack waste at the molecular level. This action actually reduces substances such as cellulose (from toilet paper) or the large organic waste particles that settle in the bottom of holding tanks.

Even better, PORTA-TREAT™ comes in easy to store, easy to use water-soluble pouches with exact dosages. These can be tossed into the toilet after pumping for better maintenance and odor control until the next pumping.

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