Help Restaurants Prepare for Cleaner Post-Pandemic Pipes and Grease Traps!

May 27, 2020

This year has been difficult for us all as we face health, emotional, and/or financial challenges from the COVID-19 outbreak and repercussions. The restaurant industry has been hit especially hard through the closure of public dining facilities around the world.

While we long for normal life to return, there are still important things we can do to help restaurants make the most of this slower time as they remain shut down or gradually reopen. For instance, this is an excellent opportunity for restaurants to take care of clogged drains or grease trap odor problems using biologicals such as Bionetix® ECO-TRAP™ and ECO-DRAIN™. These treatments contain microorganisms that, in effect, eat up the excess fats and oils that have built up in drains or grease traps, improving flow and canceling odor problems from decaying FOG (fats, oils, and greases).

The more time biologicals have to work and get established without interruption, the better—so what better time than the present to apply biological treatments for maximum effectiveness? Not only will it help restaurants prepare for a fresh start; it will also leave them with a sound maintenance solution going forward.

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