Helping Your Clients Achieve the Best in Redundant Boiler Corrosion Protection

March 10, 2020

Redundant boilers are important for facilities that rely on steam and/or heat production to carry out their normal processes. For institutions such as hospitals that operate 24/7, this can be critical. A backup boiler will allow normal activity to continue with little or no interruption if the primary boiler stops working or has to undergo routine maintenance. Protecting these boilers from corrosion while idle is integral to ensuring these boilers are ready for action when needed. Cortec’s corrosion solutions for industrial water treatment provide excellent options for helping your clients achieve effective and easy boiler layup or standby for facility redundancy.

Boilers that need to be ready on a moment’s notice can be kept on low fire for the quickest possible startup by using M-640 L blended with a tracer to periodically monitor concentration. M-640 L can be used at temperatures up to 302 °F (150 °C). It provides multiphase corrosion protection for metal surfaces below the water level, above the water level, and at the air-water interface.

Unlike traditional methods for corrosion protection of boilers on standby, using M-640 L does not require the extra time and hassle needed to frequently monitor sulfite and pH levels. Since the additional work often means these water maintenance tasks do not get done and lead to bigger corrosion problems, M-640 L offers an excellent alternative that is easy to maintain. M-640 L can also be used in regular wet layup where the water does not need to be kept warm.

When dry layup of a redundant boiler is acceptable (e.g., as backups for boilers that may be taken offline for maintenance, but not unexpectedly), addition of the Boiler Lizard® and Boiler Egg™ also provide effective and incredibly easy corrosion protection. The water-soluble inner packaging of the Boiler Lizard® is simply slit open to release Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI/VpCI®) while it is placed inside the boiler. The Boiler Egg™ is placed beside it, and both dissolve when the boiler is refilled, with the Boiler Egg protecting against oxygen pitting during the fresh influx of oxygen-rich water during startup.

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