How to Choose the Right Corrosion Inhibitor Coating for the Job

December 30, 2019

There are two main keys to successful coatings application: good surface prep and choosing the right coating for the job. When it comes to selecting a Cortec® micro-corrosion inhibiting coating, it is important to ask the following questions:

• Where will the coating be applied?
• What will the conditions be (harsh indoor, sheltered outdoors, etc.)?
• Do I need chemical resistance?
• Is my priority durability, convenience, or low environmental impact?
• What are my VOC requirements?
• Do I need short-term or long-term protection?
• What is my budget?

Once these parameters are clear, a Cortec® coatings expert will be better able to help the end user choose from a variety of coatings that meet these different needs. For example

  • Removable coatings are ideal for temporary corrosion protection during storage and transit, while permanent coatings may be preferred for long-term protection of equipment and structures outdoors.
  • A one-component DTM (direct to metal) coating may be just the answer for convenience and fast application, or a two-component primer and topcoat system may be desired to enhance durability in extreme conditions.
  • CorrVerter® Rust Converter Primer is an excellent solution for easy surface prep of rusty surfaces instead of blasting.
  • Users can also switch from solvent-based to water-based coatings to be more environmentally responsible while still inhibiting corrosion.

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