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FEATURED IN: Ecocortec Plant Offers Ecoshield Biobased Recyclable Barrier Paper and Linerboard Featured in F&B Magazine!

EcoSonic®VpCI®-125 HP**性ESD薄膜和袋子:为大多数敏感电子产品解决腐蚀和静态损坏

CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #74: Protecting Spare Aircraft Parts from Corrosion
Cortec Launches Recyclable Moisture Barrier Coating for Food Packaging Featured in China Plastics Magazine!
Case History #73: The Ease of VCI Packaging for Corrosion Protection of Silicon Steel!
Research on Concrete Durability Using MCI® at Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge [ 0 KB]
General Brochure
MCI-2020 长期腐蚀测试(1994年11月- 1999年4月) [ 263.84 KB]
VpCI-146 气相防锈纸 [ 252.67 KB]
混凝土用迁移型缓蚀剂TM(MCI®) 产品 [ 217.25 KB]
裂纹横梁腐蚀测试(混凝土经过MCI-2000和MCI-2020缓蚀剂处理) [ 343.14 KB]
2016年Cortec 中国上海亚洲业务与战 略研讨会! [ 257.87 KB]
Corporate Brochure
Cortec Introduces EcoWeave Tarp-Like Film for Protection of Heavy Raw Metal Materials Featured in China Plastics Journal!
Cortec Introduces New Generation of Biodegradable Film EcoSol
Cortec now Certified to Use CE Marking on Six Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor Products Featured in CPRJ Magazine!
Cortec® Corporation为海洋和厌氧消化市场推出生物薄膜产品
EcoAir Air Powered Products [ 279.18 KB]
EcoCortec Increase Capacity to Over 1 Million VpCI Bags Per Day Featured in CPRJ Magazine!
Ecocortec Launches Bubble Film for Packaging Applications
EcoCortec Launches First European VpCI Plastic Films Recycling Project Featured in Plastics and Rubber Journal!
EcoCortec®’s Static Dissipative Bags Offer Protection for German Electronics Giant
Join Us For Cortec's 2016 Asia Sales & Strategy Meeting In Shanghai, China! [ 266.22 KB]
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MCI® 2
MCI® 2000
MCI® 2020
MCI® Products and Testing
Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor by Dr. Yongmo Xu
Strategic approach: “ New Categories: A Paradise Without Competitors” Written by:Francisco Hidalgo, Cortec Distributor,Ecuador, South America [ 53.54 KB]
Successful trial of biodegradable film for transportation of automotive engines Featured in Adsale Plastics Magazine!
VpCI® 386    [ 359.15 KB]
VpCI® 396    [ 417.71 KB]
VpCI® Corrosion Control    [ 1791.63 KB]
不同氯盐作用方式下MCI2020M对钢筋的腐蚀抑制作用 / MCI-2020M Study Report by Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Building Research Co., Ltd [ 268.31 KB]
新型的软包装水溶性薄膜[email protected]问世
防腐与生态包装的融合 [ 210.76 KB]