Layup of Surface Mines

July 17, 2020

Mining depends on many pieces of costly equipment to operate. When operations cease, the value of these assets must be preserved to minimize loss. Whether layup is short-term or long-term, it is important to select corrosion prevention strategies that are effective, easy to apply, and easy to remove. This guide introduces a variety of helpful Cortec® VpCI® Technologies applied in detail to many different facets of equipment, structures, and systems in use at a surface mine. By implementing a preservation plan like the one outlined here, mining operations will be able to protect valuable assets and facilitate easier startup when the market allows.

1. Equipment selection is determined by the mine size and type of mining operation
2. Identified processes are typical and not all identified processes are applicable to all mining operations
3. Visually inspect all surfaces for rust. If present, remove with VpCI®-423 and neutralize with a 10% solution of VpCI®-415
4. Clean all external surfaces with a 10% solution of VpCI®-415 prior to commencing preservation activities
5. Coat all external machined surfaces with VpCI®-391
a. Optional to coat all external surfaces
6. Additives for the following lubrication oils and hydraulic fluids:

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