Need a Quick Solution for an Indefinite Preservation Period? VpCI® Emitters Are a Great Place to Start!

May 5, 2020

The last several months have been ones of unexpected changes and uncertainties that deeply impact the ways we work and live. It is unclear how long or intensely we will feel those ripple effects. While much of this is beyond our control, we can control the way we respond by taking calm and logical steps for inventory or asset preservation in industries that have had to shut down or reduce operations. Cortec® VpCI® Emitters can make this incredibly easy wherever someone has metals to preserve inside an enclosed space or package, small or large.

All Cortec® VpCI® Emitters provide the same basic protective action but come in many different sizes and formats. Each emits Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that condition the enclosed environment and form a protective molecular layer on metal surfaces, leaving the components corrosion-free and ready to use on demand without special cleaning or degreasing. They are ideal for

• Small packages
• Electrical cabinets
• Large equipment internal voids

VpCI®-143 Paper Emitters are tiny squares of VpCI®-coated linerboard that are easy to slip into small spaces of 25 cubic inches (410 cm³). For packages or compartments one cubic foot (28 L) in size, users can choose from a Cor-Pak® 1-MUL Pouch or a VpCI®-101 Device. VpCI®-105 and VpCI®-111 Emitters are self-stick cups great for protecting electrical compartments up to 5 cubic feet (0.14 m³) and 11 cubic feet (0.31 m³) in size, respectively. Flexible emitters that protect a range of volumes depending on their size include BioPad® (pad with 58% biobased content) and VpCI®-130 Series foam (sometimes laid across entire rooms for preservation on oil rigs or ships). EcoPouch®, VpCI®-308 Pouch, and VpCI®-309 Pouch protect even larger volumes apiece and meet the needs of different metal types.

VpCI® emitters are an excellent solution for effective interim corrosion protection while we wait for markets to open up again. Give us a call today to get your supply of these handy VpCI® Emitters:

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