New Info Sheet Presents Outstanding Biobased Alternative to WD-40®!

January 27, 2021

Would you be skeptical about a biobased alternative to popular name-brands like WD-40®, LPS 2®, or CRC 3-36®? If you feel that you or your customers need some more information before “going green” in this area, our new EcoLine® ELP info sheet gives you the basics needed to show how EcoLine® ELP stands up to the petroleum-based competition.

The front of the sheet outlines three key advantages of EcoLine® ELP:
• It is better for the environment
• It is better for safety
• It is better under pressure!

Test data on the back page allows you to compare and contrast the four products and see that EcoLine® ELP outperforms all three name brands for extreme pressure and anti-wear properties. EcoLine® ELP also has comparable corrosion protection and bolt-loosening power, while far outpacing the three name brands by a significantly higher flashpoint.
This resource is perfect for sharing with maintenance personal who need to use basic lubricants/penetrants but might be interested in keeping a safer, more environmentally responsible product around the shop. Get print copies to hand out at your next customer visit, or access and share a digital copy using this link:

*LPS 2® is a registered trademark of Illinois Tool Works. WD-40® is a registered trademark of WD-40® Company. CRC® and 3-36® are registered trademarks of CRC® Industries, Inc.

For a PDF version please click here.