New S-15 Detection Chart Now Available!

April 3, 2019

We are pleased to announce that an S-15 detection chart is now available from Cortec® Technical Services! This new resource will help users to accurately measure the level of S-15 in their boiler water, so they can take advantage of this excellent alternative to highly toxic hydrazine for corrosion protection during boiler operation.

S-15 works to scavenge oxygen throughout the entire boiler system, passivating and protecting the metal surfaces against corrosion. Thanks to its vapor-phase corrosion inhibiting properties, S-15 is able to protect metal boiler internals both below the level of the water and in the headspace above it. When added to the deaerator or feedwater tank, S-15 circulates through the boiler, vaporizes in the steam system, and travels on through the condensate lines to provide a full range of protection against oxygen that may have leaked in.

Cortec® has offered S-15 for many years, with special research done to demonstrate its corrosion inhibiting properties as a viable alternative to hydrazine. Now, S-15 has become a truly practical option with the availability of an S-15 detection chart to help boiler operators put the user-friendly, multi-phase corrosion protection benefits of S-15 into action for the health of their boilers!

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