A Clean Method of VpCI® Powder Application

August 30, 2021

For decades, Cortec® VpCI® powders have been an effective way of protecting metal void spaces from corrosion. Cortec® provides the same tried and true benefits of VpCI® powder in pouch form as an extremely clean method of powder application and removal. Cortec® VpCI® pouches come in three
versions for use with different metals:

• EcoPouch® (VpCI®-609 Powder): Protects ferrous metals
• VpCI
®-309 Pouch: Protects ferrous metals and is not aggressive to yellow metals
• VpCI
®-308 Pouch: Protects ferrous metals, aluminum, copper, and bronze

Each pouch emits Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors through a breathable membrane and protects up to 35 ft³ (1 m³) of void space. The pouches keep the powders contained so that they are easy to apply and remove. Sometimes only one pouch is needed inside a large cavity. Sometimes multiple pouches are used to condition a large space with protective vapors. When the layup or transit period is over and the equipment needs to be placed into service, all that needs to be done is to remove the pouch—no cleaning or degreasing required!
The potential uses for VpCI
® Pouches are practically limitless. Real-life examples include:

• 20 EcoPouches placed inside a pig launcher for preservation
• VpCI
®-309 used to protect a critical bypass valve
• A network of EcoPouches draped in a plenum with air blown through to disperse VpCI
® vapors through a subsea pipeline
• VpCI
®-309 added to an automotive plastic injection mold in preparation for overseas shipment.
• EcoPouch
® combined with Cor-Pak® VpCI® Stretch Film for long-term storage of aircraft components
• VpCI
®-308 Pouches placed inside electrical/electronics cabinets during offshore platform layup

The list goes on, but one key fact remains the same: VpCI® Pouches provide an extremely efficient and effective dry method of protecting metals within
an enclosed space. Contact us today to learn more:

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