Eco Film® vs. Eco Works®: Compare Your Compostable Bag Options!

November 24, 2021

Thanks to an aggressive commitment to environmentally responsible R&D, Cortec® has an exciting lineup of sustainable packaging options including commercially compostable machine grade stretch film and biobased shrink wrap. But when it comes to the basics of choosing BPI certified compostable bags* for yard waste or organics recycling, the choice narrows down to Cortec’s two longtime standbys: Eco Film® and Eco Works® Bags (BPI #890974). The question is, which one is best for you?

Eco Film® is your baseline commercially compostable bag designed to replace traditional non-degradable plastic bags. It provides good mechanical properties and stability and is available in several sizes made to order. When you need bin liners to use in your organics recycling program at home, work, or community-wide, Eco Film® is up to the task. It can also be used to collect yard waste such as grass clippings and leaves that are often no longer allowed in regular trash bins in many areas. Eco Film® is a BPI certified compostable product that breaks down into soil when composted in an industrial composting facility, greatly reducing the risk of plastics pollution.

Eco Works® is for those who want to go one step farther in sustainability by using a product that contains biobased resins. This means that, in addition to ending its lifecycle on the commercial compost heap for conversion into soil components (instead of in a floating island of plastic on the ocean), a portion of Eco Works® begins its lifecycle as a renewable resource. Consumers can choose from Eco Works® 10 and Eco Works® 30, bags that contain 10% and 30% biobased content, respectively, thus reducing the reliance on fossil-based fuels used to make traditional plastics.

The choice is yours depending on your budget and level of concern for the environment. Take a positive step forward by selecting Eco Film®. Or go the extra mile by opting for Eco Works®. With either choice, you can help society reduce plastic waste and pollution while boosting your brand’s eco-friendly image! Contact us today to discuss your options:

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*Commercially compostable only. Facilities may not exist in your area.

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