M-605 Series: Put a Roadblock in the Path of Winter Deicing Salt Corrosion

December 8, 2021

Winter is almost here in the Northern Hemisphere! That means salt trucks and deicers will soon be out to make snowy, icy roads safer—with plenty of vehicle rust to follow. The fact that deicing and anti-icing salts take such a toll on vehicles—especially salt spreader trucks themselves—warrants a closer look at how to combat corrosion from the start, right from the back of the salt truck.

Cortec’s M-605 Series are corrosion inhibitors designed specifically as corrosion inhibiting additives for deicers. By adding an M-605 additive to the deicing liquids or salt grains, DOT road maintenance crews can minimize the corrosive effects of chlorides on cars and snowplows. Just as road crews have different salts for different temperatures or applications, Cortec® offers different versions of M-605 best suited to specific chlorides.

• M-605 is a powder designed to suppress corrosion caused by NaCl based deicer (i.e., solid rock salt used down to 15 °F [-9 °C])
• M-605 L is a liquid additive for deicer fluids and is especially effective with MgCl
2 based deicer (i.e., magnesium chloride used down to -10 °F [-23°C])
• M-605 PS* is a powder most effective in CaCl
2 based deicer (i.e., calcium chloride used down to -20 °F [-6 °C])

While it may not be possible to avoid the use of deicing salts on winter roads, it is possible to put a roadblock in the progress of their corrosive effect on cars and trucks, thanks to M-605 Series additives. Contact Cortec® today for help with your selection: https://www.cortecvci.com/contact-us/

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*M-605 PS contains 98% USDA certified biobased content.

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