Meet Lisa Ruedy: ‘On-Call’ to Meet Your Customer Service Needs Since COVID-19!

January 12, 2022

If you are a Cortec® distributor in the Midwestern U.S., chances are you have worked with Customer Service Representative Lisa Ruedy sometime in the last two years. That means you have also been in capable hands eager to meet your order needs as best as possible, so you in turn can serve your own customers well!

Lisa Ruedy is technically not new to the Cortec® Customer Service team. Still, life has been a whirlwind since she started in March 2020 (just a couple of weeks before COVID work-from-home orders hit Cortec® Minnesota headquarters), and it is hard for her to believe so much time has already passed.

Fortunately for Lisa and Cortec® customers, good computer skills and 25 years in customer service served her well in quickly learning new programs and processes, while suddenly flying almost solo to handle customer calls to the best of her ability—all in a new training atmosphere of social distancing.
There have been many extra customer service challenges to deal with since—including the domino effect of pandemic shutdowns, supply chain shortages, and increasing material costs—but Lisa’s passion for helping customers remains. “I strive to build and create relationships with customers so they can trust me and feel comfortable reaching out to me for any questions, follow ups, or any and all of their specific needs.” In Lisa’s everyday work
life, that looks like answering phone calls; returning emails in a timely manner; helping process customer orders; providing tracking numbers, invoices, and C of A’s; and working with Cortec
® production and shipping teams to accommodate expedited requests as best as possible—among many other tasks.

As customers across the Midwest have gotten to know Lisa, she in turn has been interested to learn about many different companies in Minnesota that she was not aware of before working at Cortec®. Lisa continues to aim to serve these customers as well and as timely as possible so that they can help their customers, too. If you are a customer in her region, don’t hesitate to call or email Lisa for assistance!

Phone: 651-429-1100 Ext. 1151

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