Why Should VpCI®-649 Be Your Product of Choice?

September 28, 2021

If you have ever talked with someone at Cortec® about hydrotesting or water treatment layup, chances are high that the VpCI®-649 Series came up in the discussion. What is so special about the VpCI®- 649 Series that would make it your product of choice for so many applications? Here are a few reasons why.

1. The VpCI®-649 Series is very flexible to meet any environmental restraints that may be in place at the end user. VpCI®-649 is free of phosphates, nitrites, chromates, and heavy metals. It also has a molybdate-free option for use in areas where this chemical is being regulated out of use

2. The VpCI®-649 Series is very versatile. It can be used for layup of cooling towers or closed loop systems. It is also great for valves and pipelines that need corrosion protection during hydrotesting and for an extended period thereafter.

3. The VpCI®-649 Series is easy to use and effective. The product comes as a water-soluble liquid for easy dosing into hydrotesting or system water. It protects multi-metals (copper, steel, galvanized steel, aluminum) and offers Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors for protection in areas that traditional “contact-only” inhibitors cannot reach in the airspace above the water.

If you find yourself doing hydrotesting, or if you are looking into layup options for a large cooling water system or closed loop, be sure to consider what has become the go-to corrosion inhibitor option for countless users around the globe.

For more information, ask your water treatment service provider or contact Cortec®: https://www.cortecwatertreatment.com/contact-us/.

Learn more about VpCI®-649 here: https://www.cortecwatertreatment.com/product/vpci-649-series/

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