Putting Cortec® Corrosion Inhibitor Coatings to Work for OEMS and Their Customers

December 24, 2019

OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and end users have a common interest when it comes to preventing corrosion: neither one wants the customer to receive new equipment in rusty condition. Unfortunately, this can easily happen without proper protection.

The best way to avoid losing time, money, and trust because of corrosion claims is to implement a solution from the start, before the new equipment leaves the manufacturer. This is especially the case if the equipment will be stored for long time periods or shipped through harsh environments.

Cortec® provides many excellent corrosion solutions in the form of permanent and temporary coatings, clear and tinted coatings, greasy and dry coatings, water-based and solvent-based coatings. The choice is up to the needs and preferences of the OEM and the user.

Examples of Cortec® Coatings successfully used by OEMs include:

• VpCI®-391, a clear water-based removable coating used to protect corrosion-prone parts of heavy equipment
• VpCI®-386, a water-based permanent coating used to replace solvent-based paint for corrosion protection of refrigerator coils
• EcoLine® 3690, a biobased removable coating that replaced a solvent-based rust-preventative to protect ends of newly manufactured tubes stored outdoors

With Cortec® Coatings, OEMs can find a practical, effective solution to keeping new equipment in good condition on the way to the user; and customers can help their suppliers find new ways to avoid rust claims.

Contact Cortec® today to learn more about how specific Cortec® corrosion inhibitor coatings can benefit OEMs and their customers:

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