Quick Corrosion Protection Inserts for Shipping or Storage of Firearms

July 30, 2020

What should you do if you are shipping or storing a gun, and you discover last minute that you need to throw some quick corrosion protection inside the package or storage compartment? Can it be that easy? Yes, actually it can, thanks to Cortec’s variety of small VpCI® inserts that are convenient to slip into packages or safes without extra coating or degreasing of the firearm required.

VpCI® Pouches
If you are already used to inserting pouches of desiccants into your gun cases or shipping boxes, you will find it just as easy to add a Cor-Pak® 1-MUL Pouch or Desicorr® VpCI® Pouch to your gun case or shipping box for each cubic foot (28 L) of space needing protection. Each of these tiny pouches emit Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that condition the enclosure and form a protective molecular layer on the bare metal surfaces of the gun. Desicorr® VpCI® Pouches offer dual action by inhibiting corrosion and absorbing moisture at the same time.

VpCI® Foam
VpCI® Foam is another great option for use in weapons packages or gun safes. These flexible materials function according to the same Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor Technology as VpCI® Pouches. They include the self-adhesive backed VpCI®-101 Device, which protects one cubic foot (28 L) of space, and the many different sizes of the VpCI®-130 Series that protect small to large spaces.

VpCI® Emitter
Whereas VpCI® Pouches and VpCI® Foam may be more ideal for use in shipping packages, VpCI® Emitters are great for sticking in larger gun safes or vaults. Each self-adhesive VpCI®-105 Emitter and VpCI®-111 Emitter protects 5 cubic feet (0.14 m³) and 11 cubic feet (0.31 m³) of space, respectively.
Visit our VpCI® Emitters page for more details on convenient corrosion protection options for firearms!

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