Take Advantage of Our EcoAir® Alternative Spray Can Technologies!

April 15, 2021

The aerosol fill industry can be a challenging arena for successful environmental initiatives. Despite the obstacles, Cortec® Spray Technologies (CST) in Spooner, Wisconsin, has made some impressive achievements in terms of products and processes. In addition to its ongoing “green” improvements as a member of the Wisconsin Green Tier program for more than a decade, CST continues to offer an expanded line of EcoAir® spray can technologies for maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO).

The EcoAir® brand takes a number of flagship Cortec® products and packages them in spray cans powered by compressed air instead of traditional chemical propellants, which are often more hazardous for users and/or the environment. Of special note are some of the newest additions to our EcoAir® line:

• EcoAir® ELP (a biobased alternative to WD-40®, LPS 2®, and CRC 3-36®*)
• EcoAir® 325 Tool & Die Rust Preventative (a rust preventative that does not clog mold pores and does not need to be cleaned off prior to mold use)
• Boiler Gecko™ (an easy-to-apply dry layup technology for the smallest boilers)

The EcoAir® line also includes a variety of options to clean, protect, or preserve metals in-process, in packaging, or in operation. Several are biobased or water-based to further minimize their environmental impact. Possible uses include the following:

• Touchup rust removal with biobased EcoAir® 422 and EcoAir® 423
• Cleaning and flash rust protection with EcoAir® 414 and EcoAir® 418 LM
• Dry film rust prevention with EcoAir® BioCorr® or EcoAir® 377
• Void space preservation with EcoAir® 337

If you or someone you know is interested in taking advantage of these EcoAir® alternative spray can technologies, be sure to contact us for more information today at https://www.cortecvci.com/contact-us/.

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