Tired of Hydrazine Hazards and Restrictions? Try S-15!

March 3, 2021

If you have worked long in the water treatment industry, you are most likely familiar with the use of hydrazine as an oxygen scavenger in boilers—especially high-pressure steam systems where there is a frequent influx of oxygen-rich makeup water. You also probably know how toxic hydrazine is and how tightening government regulations are restricting its use in many countries. This may leave you wondering if there are any better options available. The good news is that we are able to offer you a safer, effective alternative to hydrazine in the form of our S-15 additive.

S-15 works to scavenge oxygen, neutralize acidic species, and passivate metal throughout the boiler, steam system, and condensate lines. S-15 also includes a vapor-phase aspect that protects metal surfaces above the water level. Testing of S-15 for 720 hours in boiling water dropped corrosion rates to as low as 0.37 mpy (@500 ppm) compared with 5.23 mpy for the control. Unlike hydrazine, S-15 is compatible with yellow metals, and the oxygen scavenger component of S-15 has a very low toxicity compared to hydrazine.*

S-15 can be added separately to the deaerator storage section or feedwater line, or directly injected into the steam drum of medium- to high-pressure boilers. A handy detection chart available through Cortec® Technical Services will help you accurately measure the level of S-15 in boiler water to help maintain the proper concentration throughout operation.

With its safety advantages for workers and its positive benefits for corrosion protection, S-15 is an excellent option to consider adding to your water treatment program for medium- to high-pressure boilers instead of toxic hydrazine! Contact us for more information: https://www.cortecwatertreatment.com/contact-us/.

*For reference, please see: https://www.cortecvci.com/whats_new/announcements/S-15-White-Paper.pdf.

For a PDF version please click here.