Titration Kits Help You Recycle Water Treatments with Maximum Effectiveness

March 11, 2021

Did you know we offer titration kits for several of our water treatment products? These kits are designed to make it easier to monitor and ensure that you have the right VpCI® concentration when recycling hydrostatic test water or using corrosion inhibitors in recirculating closed loop systems.

As time passes and treated water is used over and over, product concentration gradually changes and becomes less effective. In addition, any water losses that require water to be added to the system will dilute the level of the corrosion inhibitor. Periodic titration helps users know when to replace or add more product. Our kits are easy to use and give more accurate and immediate results than using pH or Brix/refractometer readings. Titration can be done in four easy steps:
1. Take a sample of the treated water
2. Add a few drops of indicator
3. Add titrating-solution and count the number of drops required to change the sample’s color
4. Calculate product concentration according to kit instructions

Once this is done, you can replace or add more product based on the results to ensure corrosion protection remains effective. Titration kits are available for the following water treatment products:

• M-640 L
• VpCI®-648
• VpCI®-649 MF
• VpCI®-649 BD

Learn more about our titration kits here: https://www.cortecvci.com/titration-kits/!

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