Why Avoid Boiler Corrosion?

July 8, 2020

The biggest answer to this question is that people and businesses are depending on boilers for critical operations—whether for steam generation in a hospital, power plant, or factory, or for heat during the wintertime. When corrosion causes the boiler to malfunction or require repair, it will cost the facility the value of whatever purpose for which they were depending on that steam. Even more, corrosion in a steam system will result in increased operational costs (fuel, water, and chemicals, as well as process contamination) long before there is enough corrosion to result in loss of services. In facilities with redundant boiler systems, where continuous operation is not critical, there will still be costs to boiler corrosion in terms of lost time, money, and labor for any repairs or replacements that must be done to the system.

Another good reason to avoid boiler corrosion is that it is not very difficult to do so, thanks to Cortec’s user-friendly corrosion solutions. Cortec’s numerous dry layup options (such as the Boiler Lizard® Plus), are perfect for protection during the off-season or facility layup, helping promote a hassle-free, rust-free startup when bringing the equipment back online. Other easy solutions that do not require constant monitoring are available for boilers in wet layup or on standby where it is not ideal to completely drain and refill the boiler. Even for operating boilers, Cortec’s S-15 offers a safer alternative to toxic hydrazine and provides corrosion protection below and above the surface of the water.

If you are a facility manager or involved in boiler maintenance, be sure to take advantage of the many practical, user-friendly solutions available for avoiding corrosion year-round—whether during seasonal layup, standby, or operation. The convenience of these boiler solutions combined with their effectiveness are reason enough to avoid boiler corrosion!

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