A World of Experience: Meet Murad Alsmadi

April 26, 2021

Please join us in welcoming Murad Alsmadi to the team as our new Cortec® Technical Sales & Product Manager for Coatings, Integrated Solutions, and MRO products!

Murad joins us with a rich background of travel in 50+ countries and work experience around the world. He has been in the field of international market development and sales for more than 15 years, with six of those years doing technical sales for an enzyme company.

Murad is confident that this experience will help him successfully fill his new role at Cortec® by enabling him to relate to customers while understanding the technical details of Cortec® solutions and how they work.

Murad will be managing products throughout their entire lifecycle, gathering and prioritizing product and customer requirements, and working across departments to develop winning products for clients. He finds it interesting to think how vast the market is to help individuals by providing corrosion solutions: “The total cost of corrosion across the globe is estimated to [be] $2.5 trillion, and that means there [are] endless opportunities to save people money by offering them Cortec’s products,” Murad commented.

Those solutions are for you, too, so don’t hesitate to contact Murad today for advice on how to counter the economic loss of corrosion in your own applications or those of your clients!

Murad Alsmadi, Technical Sales & Product Manager
[email protected]
Office: (651) 429-1100 x1195
(or 1-800-4-CORTEC x1195)

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