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Cortec® International Contact

Dario Dell'Orto, Vice President of International Sales
Cortec Headquarters
4119 White Bear Parkway
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55110

Office: +1 (651) 429-1100  x1170
Mobile: +1 (651) 323-8182
Fax: +1 (651) 429-1122

AFRICORR 2018 "Expanding Cortec's Footprint in Africa" [ 484.59 KB]
Biodegradable Scale and Rust Remover from Cortec® Featured in Petroleum Africa Magazine!
Concrete Surface Treatment Featured in Construction Review Magazine
Corrosion Protection for Enclosure-Housed Electronics
CorrShield VpCI®-379 - Tough on Corrosion Easy On Your Wallet!
Cortec® Academy Prepares Engineers for Asset Preservation in the Libyan Market
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Cortec® Corporation Conducts Preservation Project on Saadiyat Island Featured in Engineering News Magazine!
Cortec® Corporation Conducts Preservation Project on Saadiyat Island Featured in Industry Africa Magazine! [ 941.58 KB]
Cortec® Introduces S-10 FA: You Won't "Boil" Over With VpCI® Corrosion Protection
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Cortec's EcoLine® Biodegradable Drilling Rod Grease to Replace Petroleum-Based Counterpart Featured in Petroleum Magazine!
Cortec's MCI Coating for Rebar Featured in Research Magazine!
Cortec's MCI® Coating for Rebar - Superior Corrosion Resistance for Reinforcing Metal!
Cortec's MCI® HPRS® Produces Amazing Results And Sharply Lowers Corrosion Rates in Concrete
Cortec's New Brochure "VpCI® Technology for Oil and Gas Industry" Featured in Engineering News!
Cortec's New Brochure: Latest VpCI® Technology for Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical Industries Featured in Engineering News Magazine!
Cortec's New VpCI®-280: Fast Drying Topcoat You Won’t Have To Wait For!
Cortec's VpCI®-391: A Non-Tacky Water-Borne Coating For Long Term Protection!
Decontaminating Soil Using Bioremediation Featured in MechChem Magazine!
EcoClean VpCI-434G & VpCI-434L Featured in TFM Magazine!
EcoSol® Water Soluble Film Technology - Newest Generation of Packaging Solutions!
Europe's Biggest VCI/VpCI® Plant Just Got Bigger!
Multinational Giant Utilizing EcoCortec®'s High Tech, CoExtruded Static Dissipative Bags!
Rust Preventive Coating now Available in Aerosol Featured in Engineering News!
Safe Corrosion Inhibitor for Food Can Protection Strong on Corrosion - Super Gentle on Food!
Strategic approach: “ New Categories: A Paradise Without Competitors” Written by:Francisco Hidalgo, Cortec Distributor,Ecuador, South America [ 53.54 KB]
Technology Combats Corrosion in Aerospace Equipment Featured in Engineering News!
The Safest Anti-Corrosion Heavy-Duty Paint and Grafiti Remover on the Market Featured in Engineering News Magazine! [ 155.6 KB]
Top-Notch Corrosion Protection in Cooling and Waste Water Systems!
With Powerful MCI®- 2020 Organic Corrosion Inhibitor!